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Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality...

As a Life Mastery Consultant, certified by the Brave Thinking Institute, Thomie Campbell can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose.

Thomie inspires and empowers all those that are drawn to her to live their highest vision in the context of love and joy. Her passion is teaching clients to unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life they LOVE living!

Thomie is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach.

Biography:  As a certified Life Mastery Consultant with the Brave Thinking Institute: The Premiere Training Center for Transformational Coaching, Thomie Campbell will help you create a life that you love living.

Thomie specializes in helping individuals and organization leaders to build their dreams to accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives. Building off her doctorate in pastoral community counseling, as a certified Life Mastery Consultant, Thomie has also studied spiritual and secular coaching principles.

For over ten-years, Thomie has donated her time as a life coach. She has studied and implemented transformational success principles of well-known speakers, motivational coaches, theorists, and authors.

As a speaker, trainer, and certified coach, Thomie’s workshops and coaching programs help people break through limitations and achieve greater results than they have known before.

Provoked by questions related to relationships and sex, not having answers to many of these questions, Dr. Campbell was inspired to task herself with being prepared for the unthinkable relationship questions. Her clinical sexology certification is a complementary tool to her life mastery certification.

Everyone has a life-story, Dr. Campbell’s life is filled with rich experiences that lends to the effects of her coaching application. Although at the time, the paradigms that she faced weighted her emotions and ambitions. Having tenacity, those paradigms became the very things that catapulted her life. Thomie’s life can echo with grief, workplace bullying, career stunts, marriage, domestic violence, finances, the aging woman, relationships, single-parenting, divorce, life as a widow, living in your uniqueness…

If you are looking to gain clarity, confidence, and achieve your next level of success, while enjoying the highest levels of fulfillment in life, Thomie Campbell’s coaching programs can help you get there. 

Now combining this background with the proven Life Mastery technology, Thomie is helping clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time. She is filled with joy and gratitude as she works with people to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

Thomie offers content rich interactive workshops that take participants on a journey in which they design, define, test, and experience a crystal clear vision of the life they would love – a life that is in alignment with their highest purpose. They will have a unique opportunity to “step into” the life they are imagining and feel a resounding “yes”.